2019 Photography Awards

So this year I have been trying to compete more with my images. One of the main things I pride myself on is that all of the work I have ever submitted has been client work. So I wanted to share a few of these with all of you.

I started off the year in the Shoot and Share contest and it is a contest that I have been entering for the past 4 years now. This year I was excited to finally have an image in the top 100! My image of Ben getting ready for his wedding placed 39th out of 4076 images in the groom category. I also was a finalist with a detail image from Stephanie and Alex’s wedding, it placed 423 out of 18,829 images.

Click Here to see how my other images did!

Click Here to see how my other images did!

After Shoot and Share I had attended Imaging this year and was really inspired by their International Print competition. By pure chance I ended up meeting a few people from my local PPA chapter and decided right then and there that I was going to join and get more active in my local community. I then entered my local print competition in February and May of this year.

In the February contest I took best in the Wedding Category with an image from Cindy and Stuarts wedding from this January, “Warm my Heart” I had image competition in mind as I photographed their wedding and was just so thrilled that I was on the right track! I also merited with another image called “Make a Wish” A merit is awarded to any image that displays the 12 elements as described here .


Finally in the May competition I received another merit image and was runner up in the wedding category with my mage “Something Blue” which scored an 81

Something Blue.jpg

So next for me is getting my case ready for the PPA image competition which is quickly approaching. They have a new wedding degree which I will be working towards. It is so important to me to always strive to become a better photographer and I will never stop growing or learning!