Geneva National Wisconsin Wedding of Brian + Lauren

I was so excited to work with Brian and Lauren on their wedding day and we immediately clicked from the first time we met. So much went into planning their Lake Geneva Labor Day Weekend wedding.

Brian and Lauren met on At the time she was running her own home daycare and decided it was time to meet someone as most of my friends were in serious relationships.  Brian always jokes that he almost gave up on meeting her because she made him send me so many messages before she would give him her phone number or meet him in person (She believes it was 86 messages to be exact, all very long and detailed).  They had their first date at Village Vitner in Algonquin and actually ended up closing the place down that night. They only had week night dates at the beginning of their relationship, because it was the last few weeks of boating season and Brian didn't want to miss any time in LG, and wasn't sure that she was "lake worthy" yet. Over the winter they spent a lot of time at the lake doing fun things like wine tastings, spending the day watching sports at a local bar or just hanging around the condo.  They spend most of our summer weekends on Lake Como these days and that just happens to be the lake that they will get married on.  They had many moonlight boat rides talking about when they get married, and when the time came neither of them even mentioned anywhere else. They knew that the lake was where we wanted to be. They are excited to have all of their favorite people in their favorite place to celebrate a day that they will remember forever.  And, when they have kids they can't wait to point out Geneva National as the place where mommy and daddy got married! 

  • All of the centerpieces were made by Lauren

  • They have people from across the country flying in to be with them at our wedding including: Florida, DC, California, Washington, Indiana, North Carolina

  • Lauren's mom will be doing all the alterations on all of the dresses, hers included and will be making the junior bridesmaids dresses

Venue - Geneva National
Hair/Makeup - SLT Makeup
Flowers/Cakes/Sweets - Gooseberries Fresh Food Market
DJ- Behind the Beats Productions