How soon should I book my family portrait session with you?

The sooner the better for booking especially during September-December. I would suggest booking in August for fall and winter sessions to get your ideal day/time. Please feel free to inquire though at any point because I do have clients reschedule which may open other spaces up!

What is a retainer fee?

A retainer fee holds your date and time for you shoot, this is non-refundable but will be applied to the balance of your all inclusive shoot.

Where will the shoot take place at and what should I wear?

Shoots can take place at your home or outdoors. I love shooting outdoors and have quite a few locations I shoot at regularly so be sure to ask me when we chat. Also we need to take into account your vision of your shoot, do you want a laid back beach day or perhaps a bit more dressy and in a garden? Your location will help dictate what you should wear. I always try to stay away from everyone in matching outfits (white shirts with jeans look) as this will date the photos.

Try to find your inspiration piece and build all everyone’s else's outfit around it. As a final test, lay out all the outfits together and make sure nothing jumps out at you or sticks out in a bad way. Wear something you feel great in and fits you well.

Why can’t we book a beach shoot at noon?

I want to be able to provide you with the best quality imagery and when outside, especially at the beach or any place with a real lack of shade, I can’t provide the quality that I strive for. During the hours of 11-3 during the summer, the sun is very high in the sky. This means that it will cast some crazy shadows on your face and under your eyes. The background will be so bright that you won’t be able to see it is a beach. All of the beach shoots you see in my portfolio where taken at sunrise/sunset or a cloudy day. Since cloudy days can never be predicted I always try to schedule these type of shoots as close to sunrise and sunset as I can.

How long until I can see my photos?

Portrait and family sessions will be available to view in two weeks from your session date, if you need rush turn-around for these sessions it can be accommodated for at a fee.

Why don’t I get to see all the photos you took, you seemed to of taken hundreds?

You wouldn’t want to see all the photos I took, I cull them for you so you are seeing the best of each pose/set up. I choose the ones that are up to my high technical standards as well as ones with the best expressions and eye contact. You will not see a photo in your gallery where someone is mid-blink. This culling process is something that I have down to a science and I promise i'm not hiding any amazing photos since I want all your amazing photos hanging on your walls!