Mark and Carol's Hilton Head Island Rehearsal Dinner

So it isn't often I photograph rehearsal dinners....but when that dinner is on a boat you can count me in!! The boat was just gorgeous, so much character, and what was even cooler is Mark had images of it when it was a working boat and when it was being built back in 1901. It is a Chesapeake buy boat used to transport oysters from the oyster bed ad back to Chesapeake bay. It was a gorgeous day in Hilton Head Island, Hot but not too hot! The appetizers where to die for, goat cheese pot stickers happened....and it was divine! Those came from a restaurant called NEO The band playing was Mike Walters Orchestra and they where so good that they had an audience on the harbor sitting and watching while enjoying the music. Mark joked we should charge a cover.  So take a peak at their start of their wedding weekend! More to come from their wedding in the next few weeks


Band-Mike Walters Orchestra